USB2BYK on a recumbent

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USB2BYK on a recumbent

Message par Peter » 05 Mars 2014, 18:19

Hello / Bonsoir
Sorry about my English.
Thank you for the USB2BYK unit.
I finally installed it and modified my lights to suit it today.
I have a new recumbent which I will use for the Trans Am Bike Race later this year as well as several 1.200km Audax Randonees.
It would be good if the instructions were in English or maybe in a format that could be read by Google Translate but I understood enough.
Some photos of my installation attached if you would like to use them.

Bike light set - up on new bike.
Ready for Audax.
Headlight using Deal Extreme sku 224526. Modified to one light off dyno hub. Other off li-ion battery pack.
Hub is sweet little SP Precision from Klite in Aus.
French USB2BYK electronic do-dad runs the headlight and gives me a USB recharge point for GPS, phone and other stuff.
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